iq Massager Pro

iQ Massager Gel Pads – set of 2

iQ Massager Pro wire set
  • iQ Massager Pro wire set
  • $29.95 USD
    $15.95 USD
  • # available in stock: 22
Replacement wire set for worn out, town or well used wires that connect to the Gel Pads. This has one plug with two wires to connect TWO Gel Pads.

  • Ron

    I want larger pads but the wires keep coming up instead…

    • df

      Ron- why you need the larger pads – the wires are white to match ipad.. !

  • df

    ya just wrap the wires around your waist

  • df

    i wrapped them aournd my neck and almost hung myself

  • df

    the wires are great ; run them between your toes.

  • df

    these wires are super ! you dont need the Gel pad or Massage slippers – these wires will do everything!!

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